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Thinking about visiting? Great! Let us put your mind at ease with these FAQ’s. 

When we Meet

Sunday School

8:45 am

Sunday Service

10:00 am

Small Groups

Throughout the Week

What To Expect

What should I wear? 
Some people dress up. Some people dress down. Turns out, God doesn’t care whether you’re in shorts or jeans, dress or suit, so neither do we.

What should I expect? 
First of all, know that we won’t single you out or make you uncomfortable. Most people arrive around 5-10 minutes early to chat and find a seat. We'll sing a few songs, hear some announcements, then the pastor will teach us from the Bible. After the pastor teaches, he’ll explain how we take communion and we’ll do that. A bit more singing and a prayer, and then we’re dismissed. We have potlucks on the 3rd Sunday of every month so come ready to eat!

How will I know what to do? 
We make it easy.  There’s no assigned seating, so sit anywhere. If we want everybody to stand or sit down, we’ll say so. Song lyrics and Bible verses are projected on the screen. Prefer to read from a Bible? You can bring your own or we keep several in every pew (and  you’re welcome to take one home if you need it).

What about my kids?
We love kids at StoneBridge! They’ll learn about God and the Bible through songs, crafts, stories and playing. Our team goes through background checks, and we just renovated our Children’s Wing with safety and fun in mind. Kids’ Sunday School happens at 8:45am during the school year. During worship service, many families choose to keep their kids in service, but kids 0-6 have the option of heading to the Children’s Wing (escorted by their teachers, of course) right before the sermon starts.

How To Contact Us

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